KKM stands for ” Ku’s Keun jeop jeon tu Martial Arts.” The official name of close combat we study and teach is “KKM close combat.”

KKM is the first Korean organization specialized in studying and teaching the world’s various close combat skills. Our association provides regular courses for both men and women. We also provide special courses for those who wish to become a KKM instructor or are preparing to become bodyguard, police officer, or military officer. We hope for our trainees to develop a sound mind and body, and further to learn to protect themselves and their family from various potential crimes.

About KKM

KKM close combat skills are not for fighting, but for survival in dangerous situations.

We try to train under real-life like situations, not in situations set up for the sake of training, to bring out immediate reaction and high speed from the trainees.

KKM close combat training is KKM’s unique optimized system for acquiring survival techniques in dangerous situations, in a short time.

Our ultimate goal is to maximize the trainees’ survival capacity under a threat or an assault by escaping the scene or by overpowering the attacker, using any available means and techniques.

For defense, under certain circumstances, we teach the trainees to launch a preemptive attack while the enemy is off-guard and escape the scene as quickly as possible.

Continuous training will help the trainee to develop not only physical strength but also confidence and the ability to cope with emergency situations.

KKM Ku’s Keun jeop jeon tu Matialart Association aims to spread fresh, enjoyable and practical workout culture. For the general public, we run KKM’s unique program for self-defense and the development of physical strength. For the military and agencies with special missions, we provide practical trainings that build skills applicable to their task.

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