Services for national organizations
In the current state of confrontation on the Korean Peninsula, the National Armed Forces need a practical program for improvement of individual soldier’s combat and survival techniques in order to successfully carry out their tasks. Furthermore, in order to deal with increasing crimes, the police and other security-related organizations need specific support for their tasks. KKM Ku’s Keun jeop jeon tu Matialart Association provides various education and training for the development of national organizations.
Core strategies & Major Tasks
– Development and promotion of programs focused on survival capacity and reinforcement of national defense power
– Training professional instructors for the provision of continuous training to the military.
– Development and promotion of of custom-made programs to the police for maintenance of the public order
– Development and promotion of specific programs for security-related organizations
– Education for Special Task Forces of the Army, the Navy, the Air Forces and the Korea National Police SWAT
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