Social Contribution Projects
lthough the rate of heinous crimes targeting random victims among women and the vulnerable has distinctively increased recently, there is no organization that teaches practical coping methods to the individuals.

Not many people have seriously thought about or learned about ways to escape from emergency situations. Thus, they are exposed to various crimes all the time.

KKM Ku’s Keun jeop jeon tu Matialart Association provides solutions to such problems through our education system. We are making every effort to contribute to crime prevention.

Core Strategy
– Development of effective Self-defense system for the vulnerable
– Training professional instructors for crime prevention
– One-on-one counseling services to increase physical strength
– Regular Free Seminars for the socially vulnerable
– Lectures for various related organizations and companies
Major Tasks
– Research on the systemic methods for the maximization of women’s self-defense ability
– Cooperation with local governments for regular seminars and education for the socially vulnerable
– Creation of manuals for different situations based on the analysis past crime incidents
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